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AutoGPT Agent

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Location: autogpt/ in the GitHub repo

AutoGPT was conceived when OpenAI published their GPT-4 model accompanied by a paper outlining the advanced reasoning and task-solving abilities of the model. The concept was (and still is) fairly simple: let an LLM decide what to do over and over, while feeding the results of its actions back into the prompt. This allows the program to iteratively and incrementally work towards its objective.

The fact that this program is able to execute actions on behalf of its user makes it an agent. In the case of AutoGPT, the user still has to authorize every action, but as the project progresses we'll be able to give the agent more autonomy and only require consent for select actions.

AutoGPT is a generalist agent, meaning it is not designed with a specific task in mind. Instead, it is designed to be able to execute a wide range of tasks across many disciplines, as long as it can be done on a computer.

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  • How does AutoGPT work?
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