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AutoGPT Forge

🛠️ Build your own Agent 🛠️


If you are trying to use AutoGPT this is not the tutorial for you! You need to use this one

Forge is a ready-to-go template for your agent application. All the boilerplate code is already handled, letting you channel all your creativity into the things that set your agent apart.

🛠️ Why AutoGPT Forge?

  • 💤 No More Boilerplate! - Don't let the mundane tasks stop you. Fork and build without the headache of starting from scratch!
  • 🧠 Brain-centric Development! - All the tools you need so you can spend 100% of your time on what matters - crafting the brain of your AI!
  • 🛠️ Tooling ecosystem! - We work with the best in class tools to bring you the best experience possible!

🚀 Get Started!

The best way to get started is to fork or download the AutoGPT repository and look at the example agent in forge/forge/agent/ This can work as a starting point for your own agent. Agents are built using components which provide different functionality, see the Component Introduction. You can find built-in components in forge/forge/components/.


The tutorial series below is out of date.

The getting started tutorial series will guide you through the process of setting up your project all the way through to building a generalist agent.

  1. AutoGPT Forge: A Comprehensive Guide to Your First Steps
  2. AutoGPT Forge: The Blueprint of an AI Agent
  3. AutoGPT Forge: Interacting with your Agent
  4. AutoGPT Forge: Crafting Intelligent Agent Logic