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🔍 Google API Keys Configuration


This section is optional. Use the official Google API if search attempts return error 429. To use the google_official_search command, you need to set up your Google API key in your environment variables.

Create your project:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console.
  2. If you don't already have an account, create one and log in
  3. Create a new project by clicking on the Select a Project dropdown at the top of the page and clicking New Project
  4. Give it a name and click Create
  5. Set up a custom search API and add to your .env file:
    1. Go to the APIs & Services Dashboard
    2. Click Enable APIs and Services
    3. Search for Custom Search API and click on it
    4. Click Enable
    5. Go to the Credentials page
    6. Click Create Credentials
    7. Choose API Key
    8. Copy the API key
    9. Set it as the GOOGLE_API_KEY in your .env file
  6. Enable the Custom Search API on your project. (Might need to wait few minutes to propagate.) Set up a custom search engine and add to your .env file:
    1. Go to the Custom Search Engine page
    2. Click Add
    3. Set up your search engine by following the prompts. You can choose to search the entire web or specific sites
    4. Once you've created your search engine, click on Control Panel
    5. Click Basics
    6. Copy the Search engine ID
    7. Set it as the CUSTOM_SEARCH_ENGINE_ID in your .env file

Remember that your free daily custom search quota allows only up to 100 searches. To increase this limit, you need to assign a billing account to the project to profit from up to 10K daily searches.