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AutoGPT Contribution Guide

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for the full contribution guide, which is part of our wiki.

Also check out our 🚀 Roadmap for information about our priorities and associated tasks.

In short

  1. Avoid duplicate work, issues, PRs etc.
  2. We encourage you to collaborate with fellow community members on some of our bigger todo's!
  3. We highly recommend to post your idea and discuss it in the dev channel.
  4. Create a draft PR when starting work on bigger changes.
  5. Adhere to the Code Guidelines
  6. Clearly explain your changes when submitting a PR.
  7. Don't submit broken code: test/validate your changes.
  8. Avoid making unnecessary changes, especially if they're purely based on your personal preferences. Doing so is the maintainers' job. ;-)
  9. Please also consider contributing something other than code; see the contribution guide for options.

If you wish to involve with the project (beyond just contributing PRs), please read the wiki page about Catalyzing.

In fact, why not just look through the whole wiki (it's only a few pages) and hop on our Discord. See you there! :-)

❤️ & 🔆 The team @ AutoGPT