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Built-in Components

This page lists all 🧩 Components and ⚙️ Protocols they implement that are natively provided. They are used by the AutoGPT agent.


Essential component to allow an agent to finish.

DirectiveProvider - Constraints about API budget

MessageProvider - Current time and date - Remaining API budget and warnings if budget is low

CommandProvider - finish used when task is completed


Adds ability to interact with user in CLI.

CommandProvider - ask_user used to ask user for input


Adds ability to read and write persistent files to local storage, Google Cloud Storage or Amazon's S3. Necessary for saving and loading agent's state (preserving session).

DirectiveProvider - Resource information that it's possible to read and write files

CommandProvider - read_file used to read file - write_file used to write file - list_folder lists all files in a folder


Lets the agent execute non-interactive Shell commands and Python code. Python execution works only if Docker is available.

CommandProvider - execute_shell execute shell command - execute_shell_popen execute shell command with popen - execute_python_code execute Python code - execute_python_file execute Python file


Keeps track of agent's actions and their outcomes. Provides their summary to the prompt.

MessageProvider - Agent's progress summary

AfterParse - Register agent's action

ExecutionFailuer - Rewinds the agent's action, so it isn't saved

AfterExecute - Saves the agent's action result in the history


CommandProvider - clone_repository used to clone a git repository


Adds ability to generate images using various providers, see Image Generation configuration to learn more.

CommandProvider - generate_image used to generate an image given a prompt


Allows agent to search the web.

DirectiveProvider - Resource information that it's possible to search the web

CommandProvider - search_web used to search the web using DuckDuckGo - google used to search the web using Google, requires API key


Allows agent to read websites using Selenium.

DirectiveProvider - Resource information that it's possible to read websites

CommandProvider - read_website used to read a specific url and look for specific topics or answer a question


Adds ability to keep up-to-date file and folder content in the prompt.

MessageProvider - Content of elements in the context

CommandProvider - open_file used to open a file into context - open_folder used to open a folder into context - close_context_item remove an item from the context


Watches if agent is looping and switches to smart mode if necessary.

AfterParse - Investigates what happened and switches to smart mode if necessary