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Submit a Challenge

If you have identified a task or problem that AutoGPT struggles with, you can submit it as a challenge for the community to tackle. Here's how you can submit a new challenge:

How to Submit a Challenge

  1. Create a new .md file in the challenges directory in the AutoGPT GitHub repository. Make sure to pick the right category.
  2. Name the file with a descriptive title for the challenge, using hyphens instead of spaces (e.g.,
  3. In the file, follow the to describe the problem, define the scope, and evaluate success.
  4. Commit the file and create a pull request.

Once submitted, the community can review and discuss the challenge. If deemed appropriate, it will be added to the List of Challenges.

If you're looking to contribute by working on an existing challenge, check out Beat a Challenge for guidelines on how to get started.