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Memory Challenge A

Status: Challenge Completed


The agent, Follow-Instructions-GPT, has the following goals:

  • Use the command read_file to read the instructions_1.txt file.
  • Follow the instructions in the instructions_1.txt file.

The challenge involves a series of text files containing instructions. The agent must follow the instructions and keep track of the task ID as it progresses through the files.


  • instructions_1.txt

The task_id is 1234 Read the file instructions_1.txt

  • instructions_2.txt

Read the file instructions_2.txt using the read_file command.

...and so on.

  • instructions_n.txt

Write the task_id into the file output.txt.


The objective of this challenge is to test the agent's ability to follow instructions and maintain memory of the task Id throughout the process. The agent successfully completed this challenge if it wrote the task id in a file.